Apple’s Headphone Jack Problem

When it comes to releasing products that are super innovative and really exciting, there are no companies in the world that do things quite like Apple. But as is stated at, the way Apple used to operate is not the way they have been doing things lately. Even though we are used to innovation from the company, now it seems as if they are making changes to their products for the sake of making those changes, instead of having specific reasons for the changes. For instance, the idea behind getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone has puzzled a lot of people.

Is there a particular reason why the headphone jack is gone? If you look at the situation from an objective lens, there is really not a reason. If you are looking at the situation from an Apple perspective, they may have some reasons. One of the reasons is to get people to always buy their headphones, with a specific plug that is only going to work with the iPhone. Or they may want people to spend even more money on their new wireless headphones. But some of the things they have done do not seem to add up.

If Apple is so determined to get rid of wired headphones for good, why did they not ship their wireless headphones with the iPhone? They could have included it in the price and gotten everyone hooked on those wireless headphones. But instead they are a separate product that costs a lot of money, and what ships with your phone is – yes you guessed it – a pair of wired headphones. So much for getting rid of wires! It seems as though Apple has gone with “innovation for the sake of innovation” with their move to get rid of the headphone jack from the iPhone entirely.