Who should be reading online medical journals

Yes, it is quite true that practicing medical doctors are reading online medical journals on a regular basis today. It is also quite true that medical students and scholars, or academics, are regular updating themselves with new peer reviews from their regularly resourced journal of dentistry, cardiology, psychiatry, which ever their specialized case may be or whichever medical major they are working through.

Undoubtedly, all stakeholders in the health services industry need to be online at some stage of their day or week to ensure that they are kept abreast of new developments and important updates. Whether studying at a medical university or researching an intricate surgical procedure required for a patient, the online medical journal is used optimally for research purposes. As in the case of law practitioners who need to source their law reports to learn of precedents to help their clients’ cases, doctors also need to stay close to the monitor in regard to groundbreaking procedures that helped save a patient’s life.

Statistically, in most cases there will not be life threatening situations in the dental arena, but important educational material is archived clearly for the use and benefit of all who visit the journal space. Patients should visit these journals too. Call this a case of receiving a second opinion, a healthy route to take in any case. But mostly, call this a healthy practice of empowering yourself with your own knowledge. A doctor cannot be expected to provide you with every last bit of detailed information in the sometimes stressed confines of his surgery, so this healthy reading practice does compensate somewhat.

Do not concern yourself with jargon at this stage, you can always ask questions later. You have everything to gain from doing this.